Farm Safety Tips from JMC Parts

24 Deaths occurred on Irish Farms in 2014, let’s change that.


48% of Farm Accidents are due to faulty Machinery

Farm machinery as mentioned is the cause of nearly half of all farm accidents. This is a worrying figure and can be helped if more care is taken towards maintaining tractor PTO covers. 48% of FARM ACCIDENTS are due to Faulty Machinery. Ensure that all machinery and equipment is in safe working order. Consult the operator’s manual. Keep all safety guards in place. Make sure that all operators are competent and work in a safe manner.
Always turn off the PTO and stop the engine before attempting to free a blockage and of course watch out for bystanders.


36% of Child Deaths are on Farms

Unfortunately, farms are becoming very busy places and are not a suitable location for children to play or even be on anymore. Under law children under 7 years of age are not allowed in the tractor cab, if this law is ignored there is the potential to be prosecuted.



Wear a Gas Detector

The mixing and spreading of slurry is one of those jobs that has to be done regularly. Before spreading, the slurry is normally mixed or agitated in a slurry tank and this will inevitably produce dangerous slurry gases. Monitor Gas Levels as slurry produces Hydrogen Sulfide gas which is the most deadly gas.


Tractor Checklist

✔ Make sure that the HANDBRAKE IS WORKING before you start your machine.

✔ Check that NO ONE IS IN DANGER before you move off.

✔ Check that the BRAKES AND STEERING operate correctly.

✔ Check that the MIRRORS, LIGHTS, INDICATORS and WIPERS are all clean and visible.

✔ Check that the U GUARD is in place to cover the PTO stub.




Handling equipment for livestock in some scenarios can be neglected, it is crucial to workers safety to maintain this equipment.
All animals can be dangerous. Keep the temperament of animals, especially bulls, under constant review. Ensure that children, in particular, are safe when cattle are being herded.
Bulls should have a ring and trailing chain attached. Where a bull is present, place a warning sign at field entrances with public access.
Check that your livestock handling, housing and loading facilities are safe and easy to use.




Contact an electrical contractor when in doubt about the safety of equipment or the installation.
✔ Check portable electric tools and particularly their flexible leads and plugs, for any defects before use.
Switch off, lock off or unplug equipment before starting any maintenance or repair job.


Use domestic-type sockets, plugs, switches, etc. in farm buildings.
✔ Continue to use faulty equipment or circuits; if in any doubt switch off and call an electrical contractor.
Extend cables or flexes by twisting wires together and taping over.