Silage Season 2017 is here! Here are some last minute tips to prepare for the the coming weeks.

1) Silage pits

Thoroughly clean all the pits and remove all signs contamination or mould from last year’s silage. Once it’s clean, it’s now your opportunity to get some repairs done! This will allow enough time for concrete to dry and ready for this year’s grass.

2) Check your equipment

Make sure all your gear is in working order. Now is the time to service your equipment and make sure they’re in working order. Don’t wait until the last minute to discover faults.

3) Communication

Whether you’re a contractor or getting a contractor in, confirm that you both in agreement when you’re planning. The last thing you need is confusion!

4) Monitor

Double check machinery all the time whilst grass is being harvested. Check the mower, tedder and rake aren’t dragging in soil and that there is no soil contamination from trailer wheels. When it comes to foraging, the speed of operations should be dictated by the person at the clamp and how quickly they can roll and clamp the grass, however this rarely happens.

5) Payment

The sooner money is exchanged, the better! Contractors are more likely to give you a better slot next year if you’ve proven yourself to be good with payment.